Alessio Romito (2016)


Born in Foggia, Italy, I’ve lived in Berlin since November 2014.

The most important experience from my childhood was joining the Scout movement in 2000. Sure, I played sports and did many other things to keep myself away from the school books, but the moments I’ve had while wearing a scout uniform were the best ones, hands down.

I’m passionate about history, video games and travelling. Physics (and to some extent science as a whole) also has a place in my heart, as I studied it for three years during my brief university career.

After graduating, in 2013, I walked the Camino de Santiago along the traditional French way from Saint Jean Pied-de-Port. Soon after that, I moved to Munich to start my working career in the start-up scene.

My goal was clear: to work for two or three years, save some money and then decide what to do. That time is up now. I have no excuses.