Category: Another year goes by

  • Thirty-three


    Life is as chaotic as it has ever been. I constantly feel like I’m chasing after something. But there are plenty of good things on the horizon.

  • Thirty-two


    Today feels like I’m turning 22+10. I know I have used the same trick last year, but this time it has a much different meaning. I promise it’s the last time I do this, at least for a while. It feels like I’m turning 22+10, and not simply 32, because I know that every month […]

  • Twenty-two + Nine

    Twenty-two + Nine

    It’s “Twosday” 22.02.2022 and it is my birthday as well. A once in a lifetime event!

  • Thirty


    My twenties are over: at least now I don’t have to make any case to appear in a silly “30 under 30” list.

  • Inertia


    It is more difficult to get something to move from a standstill, than it is to keep something moving.