It’s that time of the year again.

The time that marks the end of a period in your life, and the start of a new one. A better one, you always hope. And my hopes have rarely been higher than this time around.

Last year I wrote about how I realised that, yes, it sucked, but I eventually became an adult man.

Fear not: the 2013 Alessio that was wondering about walking the world is still there, hidden in the back of my head. However, he is not constantly blowing on the flames of my thoughtlessness anymore. Another Alessio has taken over: a bit older (for sure), more boring (maybe), but still dreaming of long walks and secret paths.

This year is different though. I like to think that, when I’ll look back to this day, I will realise it was one of the positive turning points in my life.

I just feel great. It’s nothing that you can put in simpler terms.

I feel great.

Everything is just about right. Everything that I’ve desired and longed for in the last years is now there. And how can that feel, if not great?

Yesterday I had an amazing day. From start to end I was speechless as to how good everything felt. It’s one of those periods in my life where I just want to soak it all in, and keep it there forever.

Things will change, I’m sure. Rainy days will come. But even when that happens, I’ll be able to always look back at these days, and smile.

Funny thing is, my life has also never been messier than it is now. I plan everything it one week at a time, I’m spending most of my time away from home, and I’m also, incidentally, working with an intensity I had never experienced before.

It’s busy, indeed, but it’s good busy. I broke a personal record of 6 flights and 2 trains in less than 48 hours; just to give you a peek at how much I’m on the move right now.

As always, it’s people who make things special. And I’ve spent my last year with some really amazing individuals, from start to finish. Each and everyone of you holds a special place in my heart. I can’t thank you enough.

Now it’s time to look at the future. Face the next challenge, and the next one after that.

When I finished the Camino, in 2013, I had this feeling of pure happiness and realisation that I was the maker of my own destiny.

Today, I have that again: stronger than before, much more “aware” of what I can and cannot do, and confident that, even when things seem impossible, you can make them happen. Even when the window of opportunity is so small that you know you’ll have just the one chance.

When that happens, you better take it. No matter what. It will always be worth it.

Happy birthday to me.