Day 0: The eagle has landed

I haven’t been sleeping for almost 24 hours now, though I’m super tired. It’s just impossible for me to get some rest when I’m travelling.

While I write this, my eyes feel heavy and I just wish I could sleep at the airport. Luckily enough, a hotel room is waiting for me in Tokushima, where I will probably lie down and die.

First thought about Japan? A simple question: why don’t they switch from chopsticks to forks and spoons?

I saw Shikoku from the airplane. It’s a big island. The picture on top of the article shows its northern side.

It took us 9,5 hours to get from Helsinki to Osaka. We travelled mostly on Russian territory. It seemed like an eternity though, to be fair, the entertainement on board was not too shabby. Thank you FinnAir.

On the preparation side, I changed my Euro into Yen, I got a sim card with 3,2 GB of data and now I’m ready to go. 

To bed. For a long nap.