Day 13: chilling in Kochi

Kochi is one of the major cities on the island of Shikoku. After more than 6 hours of walking, and three temples crossed off the list, it’s nice to chill on a Western-style bed.

As much as I like a futon, my back still doesn’t have the easiest of times when I have to sleep on the floor.

I guess bow and arrow are fine?

Surprisingly, the weather today was good for walking: cloudy and warm. A bit too humid, but at least it was not hot and sunny, like yesterday.

The last temple I visited, today, was the 30th one. This leaves me with 58 more to go. Uff…

My legs are starting to pick up a good pace, though some muscles hurt from time to time. I can never relax too much, because at any point in time, something either hurts or is annoying.

A view from the “Osaka pass”, just before the 30th temple.

The minshuku where I stayed yesterday, Kagami-yado, was also good. It was simply a guest room in the family house. It contributed a lot to the “home” feeling, and it was very welcome.

The place is not even listed on Google Maps. The lady owner was very friendly and the dishes she prepared were both tasty and abundant. An excellent combination for the likes of me.

Speaking of food, tonight I visited a real sushi restaurant for the first time. It was specialized in hand-made nigiri, and I ate way too many if them. Everything was excellent, but the bill. Money is just a number.

Kochi by night.

I spent some time walking back to the hotel, and it was nice to see the city by night, alive with many people going for dinner or just taking a stroll.

All things considered, the day went well and I’m satisfied with my brief stay in Kochi. If you could look at me right now I’d be something like:

Happy statue is happy. Maybe he also recently had a shitload of nigiri.

Tomorrow I will worry about tomorrow. Now it’s time to rest and spend some time chatting on whatsapp. It’s super late (9.30 PM!) and I should really get some sleep.

Thanks for having followed me so far. Stay tuned for more!