Day 29: feeling fit

I literally devoured the road today. Although at the end of the stage I had to climb two hills in a row, I managed to easily reach my destination, earlier than I expected.

Credits go to the power combo bread+chocolate that fueld me all the way to the town of Kuma-kōgen. I ate a full 100 g dark chocolate bar and have no regrets. To feel fit is great. The legs just walk and the only times I feel blocked is because of my mind.

The path to enlightenment is long and twisty.

The morning was very cold and that helped me to keep a rather fast pace. The Sun was out all the time, but it wasn’t until 11 AM that I could take off my wind jacket without freezing.

My mood is good right now. I reached the temple #44, Daihōji, and tried to recite a couple of buddhist prayers. I want to dig deeper into the Heart Sutra which has a very interesting story.

There are two huge straw sandals at the gate of the temple. They are remade every 100 years.

The hotel also looks good today. They have free Wi-Fi! It’s the dream. I hope dinner will also be delicious. Yesterday I wasn’t so lucky: I got pretty much only rice and tofu. At least the tofu here is slightly tastier than in Europe, but it’s still a long way from being a favourite of mine. I came here for the sashimi, not for some sort of sad vegan-feeder food. No offense.

Tomorrow I will reach the next temple and come back here, in all likelihood. It’s a 20 Km walk, give or take, before heading to the next big city of Matsuyama.

Forty-four temples down. Forty-four to go.