Day 39: from dawn until dusk

If you don’t set an ambitious goal for yourself, how can you understand what your limits are?

I’ve acknowledged many of those limits by walking on this island, but I also realized how strong you can be when you are 100% motivated and committed to getting shit done.

Today was one of those days where nothing else other than reaching my destination mattered. Heavy rain, light rain, sun, fog, humidity, endless stairs. We had it all, but nothing mattered.

After visiting nine temples and taking more than forty thousand steps, I feel good.

Reaching the top of temple #71 was painful.

I walked from dawn until dusk and I arrived at the 75th temple only 10 minutes before the stamp office closed.

The weather was very unstable, as there was a 50% chance of rain throughout the day. It looked like some sort of Rain God was flipping a coin every 20 minutes to decide how would the weather look like over the next time interval.

An unlikely but effectively camouflaged car.

I finally feel the motivation to walk without stopping. It’s easier for it to appear now that I’m close to finishing this pilgrimage, sure. However, I waited so long for this “killer instinct” to come back that it got me by surprise, today, as I wasn’t expecting it anymore.

I enjoyed every moment of it, and I hope that it will stay with me until the 88th temple is reached.

From the top of Iyadaniji (#71). Those clouds dominated the day and never left me alone.

This is my last week in Japan. Tonight I had a plate of sushi that could have been called 50 shades of salmon, as it was made up of diffefent parts of that delicious fish. It was a good comeback after the spaghetti horror that I had to endure a few days ago.

Finally, regarding tomorrow, the plan is to push until temple #80. After that there is a series of nasty hills that I’d rather do in the next morning.

Three or four days more. That’s all I need from my legs and boots. Don’t give up on me now.