Fighting laziness

One would think that being home without having to work would give me plenty of time to prepare for the Shikoku Henro. Theoretically, the time is there. These days, however, I’m not able to make any use of it.

I wake up in the morning, turn on the laptop, open Firefox and then it’s game over. Too many distractions, too many YouTube videos, too much of everything. And even when I’m bored with it, I just can’t get away from my Mac.

This is not the age of information. This is the age of procrastination. To have a job means only to fill 9 hours of your day with something that earns you a pay check. But when you go home, it’s Netflix, Facebook, Clash Royale and all that sort of shit. It’s the same now for me, just without the job.

And while the idea of walking in Japan is exciting, I just can’t get ready for it while being in my comfort zone, here in Berlin.

I know this means that shit will eventually hit the fan in Shikoku: better pack some dung-proof gear then, and hope for the best.