Author: Alessio Romito

  • Trip to Modena and Maranello

    Trip to Modena and Maranello

    Every time I go to Italy, it’s hard to come back. This time it was even more difficult because I got insanely sick on the plane. Another example of my 24-hour acute illness that disables me for one day and then vanishes like nothing happened. The pain was pretty intense especially as the aircraft was […]

  • Changing plans

    Changing plans

    Well, this is awkward: the journey hasn’t even started and I already have to change plans. Due to my employment situation, I must be in Berlin on October, 4th and fulfil some bureaucratic proceedings in order to still be covered by my health insurance and get my “pocket money”. My face when I was talking […]

  • Getting familiar with my Pentax K-50

    Getting familiar with my Pentax K-50

    Today’s post will be an easy-to-read one. You might even not need to read it at all. Just look at the pictures and give me some feedback on the shots and/or editing. I’m new to owning a DSLR and all I have is my eye, my camera and my girlfriend’s Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. I’m […]

  • Three predictions for my pilgrimage

    Three predictions for my pilgrimage

    While I’m doing everything I can to avoid some real exercise, my walk has already started in my mind. I think about it every day, I try to get as much information as possible and I also try to guess what will happen. Here’s my three best guesses about what will go down in Shikoku. […]

  • Fighting laziness

    One would think that being home without working would give me plenty of time to prepare for the Shikoku Henro. Yes, and no.