Booster shot

Dallara Stradale Steering Wheel

I guess all hopes of a somewhat “normal” winter are going through the window again.

With Covid-19 cases rising steadily, and still a significant amount of people not willing to get vaccinated, it looks like we will once more spend the holidays with restrictions, masks etc.

Not that I am complaining about those, far from it. I’ve been a vocal supporter of Covid-related restrictions for more than a year now. Sadly, the more time goes by, the less faith I have in our society restoring some sort of pre-Covid normality any time soon.

It is weird to think that a bit more than 5 years ago I was walking the Shikoku Henro. This new “Camino” was the very reason why I started this blog. I wanted to tell the story of my adventure, and possibly see if I could make it in this arena, where everyone constantly fights for other people’s attention on small rectangular screens.

I soon abandoned those plans (as is tradition), once I realized that it would have been a lot of work, which would not guarantee great results. I did not persevere, for many reasons. The biggest of them was that I am actually a fan of “as little work as possible, for the greatest result I can get away with”. But there were other reasons as well. Some of them I actually found during the Shikoku Henro. A story for another time, maybe.

Earlier this year I talked about Alma Corse, and my dream of launching a motorsport team. Another instance of a lot of work, without results. This one hurt a lot more, however. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that no, I am not going to make a dent in the way the sport functions.

I wanted to create something different. I know a lot of folks want the same as I do. But somehow the idea of Alma Corse did not click with the people who actually matter here: the ones with money.

And so we’ve gone, from week to week, looking for booster shots to our motivation and chances to become relevant at any level.

Finally joining an actual motorsport company like Dallara has been a huge boost to my own motivation. Finally I can see myself investing in a career I care about, and in a field I have always loved.

It will not always be easy, I’m sure. Things will go wrong at times, but I want this to succeed. At least this time, knowing where I have failed before.

I’m staying positive (which is not a cool thing to say since last year, for obvious reasons): I am privileged to have caring and supporting people around me. This matters more than anything, and I am thankful for it.

Time goes by. Weeks, and months, and seasons flow with it, and I with them. Planning for the future but managing to taste the present whenever there is a good chance to do so. Even though I’m aware that those plans can become obsolete in just a few days.

Will there ever be a time when everything will really go back to “normal”?

I wonder, and doubt.