Getting familiar with my Pentax K-50

Today’s post will be an easy-to-read one. You might even not need to read it at all. Just look at the pictures and give me some feedback on the shots and/or editing.

I’m new to owning a DSLR and all I have is my eye, my camera and my girlfriend’s Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. I’m only using Lightroom so far. What an amazing piece of software!

After this “urban shots” I’ve spent a good amount of time taking pictures of birds. I like taking pictures of animals, especially birds: it’s a nice challenge to get a good shot, as they move quickly and can literally fly away whenever they want. I guess that’s what happens with birds.

I also opened a Flickr account, so I that I can share high-quality pictures in a better way. If you prefer the more personal way, you can follow me on Instagram as well.

When I upload pictures to this blog, I usually re-size them to a width of maximum 1024 pixel, so that the pages don’t take ages to load, especially on mobile devices.

Anyways, I promised you birds, and birds you shall have. Click on a picture to see it in the gallery.

I hope you liked the pictures. As always, feedback is welcome!