Welcome to Rovering Life

Welcome to Rovering Life.

It’s been a long time since I first had the idea of starting a blog in English, after a long experience with Chi-quadro. This is it.

Naming a blog can be quite difficult if you don’t have a particular topic in mind and I have been thinking for the past few days about different options. Once you have a good name in mind, the ruthless rules of the internet force you to check the availability of a first level domain that will suit you without forcing you to carry ridiculously long URLs.

Luckily enough, a whole new world of top level domains was opened some time ago, allowing me to snatch this rovering.life away from the competition.

Why this name? Inspired by “Rovering to success”, I want to use the blog as a journal for my travels, with the not-so-hidden hope of actually living a “rovering” life in the future.

I will also take this chance to apologize in advance for the mistakes you will witness in my writing. English is not my native language, although in the last three years I’ve been speaking more English than Italian every day.

That being said, I hope you will take some time to accompany me in this journey. Usual media channels will follow soon.

Thank you,