Wintering in Berlin

More than a month has passed since 2017 made its glorious and loud entry, here in Berlin. I will spare you the usual “New year, new me” crap: I know myself well enough to know when, and if, I will change at all.

Something, however, has objectively changed. I started a new job and this has been my only focus so far. After six months of sabbatical and dolce far niente, it wasn’t easy to go back to a normal business routine. Funny enough, I have started to write on my company’s engineering blog about the challenges of my new position there. If you are curious, you will find the link here.

Winter in Berlin has proceeded smoothly so far. We had some snow and cold days, true, but it hasn’t been as harsh as the last one.

Here are a few pictures taken in Volkspark Friedrichshain, close to where I live:

Sadly, I have no concrete travel plans in the near future. This doesn’t mean I have no ideas, though, and I wish to keep up with my writing nonetheless.

Take care,