Day 18: took a wrong turn, found a snake

I’m sure it’s this way, I need to keep following this path for a while and then I will rejoin the main road.

That was what I thought, this morning, without bothering to check the map. It works nine times out of ten. I guess this was the 10th one.

After a few minutes of walking, I couldn’t find any arrow or signal. Bad sign. When I checked the map again, my curses echoed down the valley.

I devised a shortcut that would at least save me the shame of going back all the way. The time lost was still valuable, however, and I had to push hard to re-gain it.

This morning the path went again through a forest.

On my way there, I heard something splashing in the small drainage duct alongside the road: it was a snake!

He seemed pretty scared of me: when I tried to approach him for a nice pictures, he slithered away. Still, I hope that some of the shots I took with the DSLR camera will be worth the effort.

A bridge to the sky above. Wouldn’t we all want one?

The weather was very good for the major part of the day, though the morning was foggy and cold. The feeling of my skin being hit by the warm sun rays for the first time, after the clouds dissipated, was great. Something that probably won’t happen in Berlin until next July.

The rest of the walk was pretty normal and straight-forward, along the Route 56. The way to the temple #38 is still long and I think I will get there in 2 days.

Today I reached the sea again! What a welcome sight it was.

The great weather was a rather explicit invitation to take a second bath in the ocean. And so I did, taking another quick dip before arriving at the minshuku where I am going to spend the night.

On a different topic, yesterday I got my first patron on Patreon! My dear friend Marco decided to support me and I’m proud of it. It’s very encouraging for the future; a small gesture, but I really appreciate it. Thank you!

If you want to follow his example, here’s the link to my page.

Now it’s almost time for dinner. I will soon go and recharge my batteries before hitting the road again, tomorrow.

My hopes are high for a nice portion of sashimi. Keep your fingers crossed, I’ll do the same.