Day 30: up, up, down, down, left, right…

It looks like I will need to get used to cold and humid mornings, from now onwards. They make up for good pictures, at least.

My goal today was to reach the 45th temple (the first of the last ones) and come back at the same hotel where I stayed last night. I really like this facility and the path makes a loop anyways, before continuing to the temple #46.

I love walking through a forest. Even when I don’t have crazy scenes like this, I still feel much better there than in a town. Almost at home.

While my head was still a bit “in flight mode”, I took a wrong turn and went through a tunnel, even though I knew there were supposed to be no tunnels today. Well done, Alessio. Well fucking done.

This stupid mistake cost me about 30 minutes. Enraged, I started to walk relentlessly towards the temple #45 and didn’t take any break before I reached it. The legs felt good and I was running late on my schedule.

Finally I can see some “autumn” going on.

I went up, I went down, I went left, I went right. I got to temple B and went back to temple A. When I think about it, my day looked like a Konami code.

The only cheat I unlocked, however, was a sort of berserk mode that I activated after 3 PM. I started to walk with unprecedented energy and climbed every hill as fast as I could, putting some strain on my thighs and legs. It didn’t matter: all I wanted was to reach my hotel, get a nice hot shower, and get ready for dinner.

Speaking of meals, I basically skipped lunch and had only 60 grams of dark chocolate and my last tangerine, though, strangely enough, I didn’t feel hungry before 5 PM.

Regarding tomorrow, I will go back to the old tradition of not planning my next day. I should reach the big city of Matsuyama, but that’s very vague. I need an address and a hostel by tomorrow morning, though the sweet thought of just enjoying a lazy Sunday is becoming stronger and stronger in my head.

I will let what’s left of my inner berserker deal with it.