Day 34: red or blue?

Today was weird. My focus was on Twitter, trying to understand what was going on in the US. After an exhausting electoral campaign, the presidential race finally came to its decisive moment, and I watched it unfold while walkng.

I met with a Canadian guy, Patrick, and we walked together for most of the day. It was nice to get to know him and share the road. We couldn’t help but laugh at how slowly Hillary Clinton lost the election. I mean, seriously, everybody believed it was impossible for her to lose. And yet, it happened.

The cherry on top was the Canada immigration website going down because of too much traffic from the States.

I bet this gentleman would make a fine presidential candidate in the US.

When Trump got all the swing states, shit got real. The internet will be a tough place to visit over the next days.

Like my friend Adeya (whom I met on the Camino), Patrick did some tree-planting on the Canadian West coast, in the past. These crazy tree-planters are everywhere!

It was a nice coincidence, especially because both he and Adeya are originally from the same region, in Canada. 

I can now say that, every time I go for a long walk, I will meet a tree-planter from New Brunswick.

It truly was a day of suprises.

In Japan apparently the vending machines can sell hot water in a can.

I reached the 58th temple today, after a brief but steep climb. The sky was dark and the Sun disappeared in the afternoon, never to return.

Before Patrick and I parted ways, he found a sleeping bag left by a Canadian girl. It was almost the same model as Patrick’s, but warmer.

He was undecided about switching the two of them, and keep the warmest one.

While they were lined up on the table, he kept on thinking and gauging the different options.

The two sleeping bags.

“It looks like the US election. Are you going to vote red or blue?” I said, laughing.

He kept his blue one and we carried on.