Dolomites 2010

Some of you may wonder what’s happened to me in these couple of weeks. I haven’t been writing, I haven’t been posting much on the different social media, I haven’t given much information about what’s been going on.

The educated guess would be that I was completely focused on training and preparing the Henro. Well, I wish that were true. On the contrary, I’ve avoided everything that would make my life easier in Japan.

Why? Lack of motivation, laziness, excuses over excuses. I just can’t get a hold on myself. All I want is to board on that plane and see what happens.

Life’s good here in Berlin, I’m relaxed and content with everything, but I underestimated my pre-pilgrimage willpower resources, big time.

Enough with the bad feels now. What’s done is done. Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my imminent departure with my friends in Berlin. Everybody is welcome to join, more info here: on my Facebook page.

Now it’s time to make a last-minute plan and try to understand if I forgot anything, from equipment to information.

This “preparation phase” reminds me a lot of my brief university career: deny the existence of the exam until the very last minute, and then devise a strategy on how to pass it with the least amount of preparation.

It worked well back then, we’ll see in a few days how it will be in Shikoku.