The physical challenge

Alessio on the Camino

Trying to learn Japanese is not the only thing I’m supposed to do, in order to prepare for the Shikoku pilgrimage. Three years of living in Germany have left me the gift of a sizeable beer belly that it’s very difficult to get rid of.

One month away from my departure for Japan, I am still too lazy to get some serious exercise. I didn’t get excercise before the Camino. That’s what I’ve been repeating myself for the last few weeks.

God bless the Pokémon GO game. At least I’m walking from time to time in order to hatch those bloody eggs. If it weren’t for that game, I would have probably never left my couch.

This pilgrimage should be completed in around six weeks, at a good pace. It makes sense as I completed the 800-Km long Camino in less than four weeks, though it took a heavy toll on my mind and feet.

As a matter of fact, my feet will be my main concern. I know I can push my legs for just another kilometre every day. But, when you start having blisters and calluses on your feet, that will only mean pure and continuous pain, from dawn until dusk.

In any case, I am aware that there is no real training possible before I actually start walking the henro. I am also aware, however, that my body is definitely not ready for this, as of now.

What to do? Better hatch those eggs and keep moving.