How to support Alessio

Internet advertisement is growing more and more annoying. I started using ad-stopping plugins on my browser years ago, and always found it incredibly useful. I surf the internet to get entertainment, discover new things, clean my mind or just simply to lose some time. I don’t surf the internet to watch some stupid advertisement.

I want to keep Rovering Life ad-free, so that I can focus on the content and give you good articles, instead of click-baits to increase my SEO rankings.

If you like what I write and would like to support Rovering Life, I hope you’ll consider the following: even donating one Euro makes up for tens of thousands of page views.

We spend money on every form of entertainment: books, movies, concerts, subscriptions etc. A blog like Rovering Life provides you with fresh content and entertainment over months, if not years, without asking you for anything in advance. If you don’t like it, you click a small button and everything will disappear.

If you read my articles, however, you get hours of entertainment that certainly is worth something more than 0,00 dollars, isn’t it?

Take it easy now, think about it. If you don’t hesitate reading my articles whenever they pop up in your feed and you can spare some coins, please consider supporting the blog. It would mean a lot to me and the future of Rovering Life.

Monthly Patreon subscription

Patreon is a great tool to subsidize independent artists and allows me to set different rewards for your support. You can cancel your subscription at any time and or change the amount of money you’re willing to pledge to Rovering Life.

You can find me here.

I haven’t had much luck so far, but hey, when there’s a way there might be a will!


If you are the “anonymous” kind of guy and would just like to make a one-off contribution, I’m open to receiving Bitcoins at this address: 13VzJvpKEEiMPG6qWgf6ZaL68aC36b431T

Thank you a lot for your support!