Flag of Normandy

Trip to Normandy

Going to Normandy and experiencing five days in a row of good weather was not something I was hoping for. Yet, it actually happened.

With “Mediterranean” temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius, I felt blessed with the constant sunshine and warmth. I couldn’t have had better conditions for the field test of my new DSLR camera: a Pentax K-50.

I chose the K-50 because of its supposed resistance to humid and rainy weather, dustproof body, cold-resistant construction and shake reduction system. All things that will be needed in my future travels.

Here you can see some of my favourite shots:

No wonder these places are among the most famous ones in Normandy, and are constantly visited by many tourists.

However, I did not spend my time taking pictures of landscapes alone. A ridiculous amount of time was dedicated to seagulls, don’t ask me why:

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

It was nice to spend some time travelling together with my girlfriend, Agnès, and to speak some unlikely French. The whole trip was very relaxing: I had a lot of good food, wine and company.

In the meanwhile, I’m still learning Japanese (I can count now!) and avoid physical training. Only a couple of weeks separate me from Shikoku.

I can find the time for laziness even when there’s no time for it.