Trip to Modena and Maranello

Every time I go to Italy, it’s hard to come back. This time it was even more difficult because I got insanely sick on the plane.

Another example of my 24-hour acute illness that disables me for one day and then vanishes like nothing happened. The pain was pretty intense especially as the aircraft was descending from its cruise altitude and (I guess) the cabin was being depressurized. An intense pain at the back of my head, from one ear to the other, rendered me completely useless until I was home.

I know you are not here to read about this boring stuff, so let me share some pictures I took in Modena, a few days ago.

The best part of the day, however, was in Maranello. Never heard of this small town? It’s home to the legendary Ferrari factories, where dreams become real, at least for anybody who’s passionate about motor sport.

While driving there, a truck was carrying a LaFerrari just in front of me. It was a good sign.

After some very little convincing from Agnès, I decided to go for a test drive on some non-urban roads, despite the hooker-like price models that were available, and oh my God, it was glorious. The sound of the engine was pure adrenaline. There was some traffic but I managed to get a few good accelerations.

And my car was one of the less powerful. Equipped “only” with an aspirated 490 HP V8 engine, the Ferrari California is what you would use every day to go buy groceries, by Ferrari’s standards.

Driving that car was everything I could think about for the next few days. Next time, I want a more powerful one and on a real race track. Boy, oh boy. I can’t wait.

At least for a few minutes, all the disappointment for the postponed departure for Shikoku disappeared, crashed under the stomping power of almost five hundred horses under a red coat.

Now it’s time to go back to my pilgrimage preparation. Luckily, good memories add no weight to my bag. If they did, this last one would be one of my heaviest.