A trip to the zoo

Last Sunday, Agnรจs and I went to the Tierpark Berlin. It’s a big zoo in the Eastern part of the city, visited by thousands of people every month. The day was sunny, and perfect to take our bikes for a ride.

We packed our lunch, took some water and left our flat after a (very) late breakfast.

The facility itself looks beautiful, though we didn’t manage to see every animal. It was more than enough, however, to take some cool pictures.

Beautiful bird
Sad polar bear
Hobbit-like rabbit houses are there as well
Tigers are just big cats…
Eye of the tiger
Wise elephant
A rather strange pose

While it was nice to see all these animals at once, I grew a feeling of sadness for these beasts that would rather live their life in peace somewhere else, with no fences or cages to surround them.

I like to think that, at least, they are treated well, and will help the public develop a culture of protection towards our wildlife and environment.

We need such a culture, and it has to be strong, in times where anti-scientific claims are becoming more and more popular throughout the globe, sacrificed for the economical interest of the few.

Just like those animals.

  • Lieve Dierckx

    Good to read you, Alessio, I perfectly understand your doubts about zoos, and always make big detours around them myself in order to avoid acute depression.
    Your photos are wonderful though, I’d love to believe that the argument about the poor beasts helping people to stay aware about wildlife and environment holds water.
    Although in that logic, I must say they remind me of test animals in laboratories.
    How are you doing? And the job? Here summer has started with temperatures nearing 30ยฐ this weekend!
    All the best, Lieve

    • Hi Lieve ๐Ÿ™‚

      True, it’s a tough ethical question for me.
      About test animals I have to say that, as a (former) man of science, I am in favour. We kill animals for more stupid reasons than that, and there are ethical codes together with very strict rules for scientist that have to resort (as a last method) to animal testing.

      Summer here has also kicked in, somewhat, and we expect a glorious weekend!

      Glad you liked the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep in touch,