Spring has begun. Here in Berlin, from time to time we even get to see the Sun. Remarkable…

Last week, my girlfriend and I moved to a new flat. There’s more space here, and room to breathe. We found a surprise, however, just outside the window of our living room.

A couple of pigeons made their nest there. When we arrived, there were two white eggs jealously guarded by one bird at a time. One week ago, those eggs have hatched. Since then, we have been “spying” on our neighbours.

The two baby pigeons, just a few days old.

It took some time for our cat to get used to them, but I believe we now reached a point where everybody is able to get on with their lives without being afraid of one another (mainly on the birds’ side).

Yes, the window is dirty. I get it.

I hope I won’t miss the moment when they learn how to fly. Though it’s very likely, given our daily jobs and routines.

Many people find pigeons disgusting, and I understand that. Germans like to say that they are basically rats with wings (how elegant of them). Since this is the closest I’ve got to being an uncle, I’ll take it.

I’m happy to have them on my window, rats or no rats. #RefugeesWelcome