Changing plans


Well, this is awkward: the journey hasn’t even started and I already have to change plans.

Due to my employment situation, I must be in Berlin on October, 4th and fulfil some bureaucratic proceedings in order to still be covered by my health insurance and get my “pocket money”.

My face when I was talking to the lady was something very similar to the chicken above: are you kidding me?

They have all my documents and I explained the situation but yet, I have to physically go there again to hand over the same documents.

What does this mean? Well, I will have to leave Germany on Oct, 5th. I won’t change my return ticket so this means that I will have about 6 weeks to walk the whole Henro. It should still be doable, but that depends on how mountainous the island will be.

Looking on the bright side, I will save some good amount of money by leaving two weeks later. It still sucks though. Big time.

It also leaves me more room to explain on the blog the different aspects of the pilgrimage, tell some stories and hopefully share more pictures of Berlin and the Brandenburg region.

Today feels like a shit day, to be honest. But I hope that, with hindsight, leaving later won’t matter too much.