Holidays among the Mayans

It’s difficult to host a blog about “travelling around the world” and be a dutiful employee at the same time.

I apologize if I haven’t updated the blog enough in 2017. I’m a person that measures his words a lot: if I have nothing to say that it’s actually worth mentioning, I do not waste anybody’s time. Same applies for my readers here.

As a matter of fact, work has been my main focus so far this year.

This is about to change, albeit for a short period of time.

On October the 7th I will board on a flight bound for Cancún (Mexico), where I will spend two weeks divided between relaxing on the beach and exploring the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan peninsula.

Last year I went East, to Japan. This year, I will go West, to America.

It was not an easy choice, ironically. I found myself in the lucky position of having two weeks of time and virtually no boundaries as to where I could go. It was both a great and a confusing feeling. With so many places in mind, it was difficult to point my finger at a specific corner of the world.

This year I will not have a few months of unemployment ahead of me, but just a couple of weeks. All things considered, I decided for a more balanced approach where I can also try to relax before jumping into a new professional adventure.

AirBerlin tried to ruin my plans with their recent bankruptcy, but luckily I managed to find another flight for the same dates. It was close, and I almost lost the money I spent for the tickets.

So what’s going on now? Wrapping up my last weeks at work, mainly. I’m really sad to leave some bright and talented colleagues, but also super excited to start a new chapter in my professional life.

I plan on updating the blog regularly while I’m there, so watch out for new posts here and on the usual social media platforms.

Hope you’ll be on the road with me.