Mexico 2017 – Part 1: Acclimatising

Is good to be travelling again. One year has passed since I left Berlin for my Shikoku Henro, and, despite that, I feel quite OK with the idea of a “normal” trip, as compared to a pilgrimage.

The flights to Cancun were long and boring. It took me more than 24 hours to get there, only to find out that the hotel I booked is in an area where Uber drivers don’t go, because of safety concerns. 

First lesson learned: taxis rule Cancún.

Second lesson: agree on a fare before getting in the taxi.

I talked down a taxi driver by almost 50% of their initial price. It seems pretty standard practice to overcharge unaware tourists.

Walking from Porto Juarez to downtown Cancún, to avoid paying for a taxi.

Besides that, I was very happy with the warmth I found as soon as I got out of thw airport. Berlin didn’t really have a summer this year, so it’s great to constantly be above 25 degrees.
Jet lag has been there ever since I landed, and it didn’t help when, in my first night, I went to a bar in the zona hotelera until late.

Plans have already changed for my trip. I decided not to rent a car: reviews for Europcar in Mexico are horrible, and I’d rather take an Uber or a bus. It’s cheaper and less worrisome.

Yesterday I travelled from Cancún to Chiquilá, on the Northern coast of the Yucatan peninsula. The goal is to take a ferry to Isla Holbox, apparently one of rhe nicest places around here.

A peek on the tiny village of Chiquilá.

While I’m OK with the idea of a traditional vacation, I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with being a tourist. I think I suck at this.
This is more and more proof that once you walk as a pilgrim, it’s difficult to travel as something else, even a backpacker.

Other than that, everything is going well. I’m enjoying every bit of sun and hating every bite from these aggressive mosquitoes.

Looking forward to exploring more of this fantastic part of the world…