Mexico 2017 – Part 2: Holbox

Getting out of Cancún was a relief. As I didn’t go to the beach, there wasn’t much for me there (besides drunk people and loud bars).

My next stop was the small village of Chiquilá. On the next day, the plan was to take the ferry to Isla Holbox.

With hindsight, this plan was not a smart one. Chiquilá is a ghost town, it looks shabby and there is nothing but the docks and a few huts, where the locals live.

The hotel was OK, however, and the owner helped me figure out what to do in the next two days.

She also prepared a good fajita and helped me take a picture with one of her squirrels. Que bonito! 

Not too bad for what was basically an unnecessary stop.

On the next day, I arrived in Holbox. The village itself is small and lively. You can feel that there are big plans for the future, as many hotels are under construction. It’s not difficult to understand why: the beach and the whole island are amazing.

The water is shallow for tens of meters from the coast, and its temperature is perfect.

Sunset in Holbox

I spent two days relaxing on the beach and talking to both locals and tourists. It was refreshing to finally get a human “touch” to this travel, as I have been on my own since I arrived.

I really want to go back there. Hopefully its more remote location will shield it from the big masses of tourists.

The food was also satisfying. Holbox is a fishermen village, and the ceviches are worth every pesos.

The small plaza in the middle of Holbox.

For my second day there, I decided to leave phone and camera in the hotel, and actually disconnect.

I like taking pictures, and I hope that the ones from the camera will turn out to be OK. However, I’m always a bit stressed when I look for a nice shot. 

It was nice to leave those thoughts behind and focus only on the sound of the small waves crushing gently on the beach.

I can never get enough of that.