Mexico 2017 – Part 5: Sian Ka’an

After crossing the whole Yucatan peninsula (twice) in one day, I decided to spend a couple of days chilling in Tulum, getting to know my family there.

Unluckily for me, the weather has turned worse: often cloudy and rainy. Not very inviting for the beach, though to be fair, my skin could use some rest from the tropical sun.

Without a solid plan B, I decided to make a day trip to Playa del Carmen, at the other extremity of the so-called Riviera Maya.

Statue in Playa del Carmen.

There I decided to take another “day off” from pictures and internet. I think more and more that these are the most precious ones of my trip.

The town itself is very touristic, full of vendors who would sell their own mother, if it meant some extra pesos.

The sea was also not as great as the one in Tulum but hey, we’re getting really picky here. “Think about Germany, Alessio” is what I tell myself to feel better.

I also witnessed a traditional “voladores” dance. Fascinating.

After spending the night there, I came back to Tulum and prepared for an organized tour in the nature reserve of Sian Ka’an.

The plan was to take a boat once arrived at the namesake lagoon, and reach the tiny village of Punta Allen, which separates it from the Caribbean sea.

We managed to see a number of crocodiles hiding in the shallow waters of the lagoon. After that, we saw eagles, pelicans, and many other kinds of birds, who use the magnolia trees as a perfect home for their nests.

I never spent so much time on a boat in a single day. So cool!

Both the sea and an underground cenote feed the lagoon, which makes the water half salty and half fresh.

Rain in the distance allowed me to capture a rainbow on the lagoon.

After reaching Punta Allen, we switched ships and headed for the sea. There, we saw a group of dolphins and a big sea turtle. Magnificent animals, all of them.

We then headed for the coral reef, where snorkeling is possible. Even if I can’t see perfectly without my glasses, I loved it.

It felt like swimming in an aquarium, with an incredible variety of fish and plants.

Our last stop was a sort of natural pool where the sand gives the water an incredible turquoise colour. Really beautiful.

It’s time, however, to start wrapping things up. This travel if coming to an end, and I only have a few days left.

I decided to spend them in Cancun, hoping that the weather will get better and allow me to get a bit more sun, before the 10-month Berlin winter.

Time to brace myself and eventually get ready for it.